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Treatment for cancer is a physical and emotional roller coaster for many women and when it is over, these women want life to go back to normal. But will it? Many women who have traveled the cancer journey are left with long standing issues related to sexuality. These may be because of physical changes that result in altered body image. Some women find that their sexual experience is altered because things just don’t feel the same.

This book is written as a self-help guide for women with cancer. The first section of the book introduces the basics of human sexual functioning – how and why things work as they do. The next section describes how sexuality may be altered after cancer treatment. In this section you meet ten women, straight and gay, who have had different kinds of cancer and experience challenges in their sex lives. The final section provides information about how to get help, what works and what doesn’t as well as a chapter on what can happen to the partner when a woman has problems in this area.



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